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AmeriBest Mist Sprayers 3-Point Mounted Mist Sprayer with Cannon Volute

Mist Sprayers For Pecan Tree Spraying

Pecan Tree growers have found that using a Mist Sprayer is more efficient than any other spraying method.  It is also much less expensive.  Because of the versatile nature and design of our Mist Sprayers, you can spray tall trees up to 125 feet high and spray through thick foliage and reach those hard to reach areas while reducing fungicide application rates by 30-35%  Insecticide rates can also be reduced by up to 10% while retaining effectiveness. Some growers say they can treat Pecan insect pests and diseases while using 5-12 gallons of spray per acre.

Spraying for Pecan Diseases and Insect Control:

Factors you need to consider in effective control:

1. Correct Timing- Proper timing of spray applications is essential to control diseases and insects. Scab and other diseases are more severe following rainy weather and may rapidly reach damaging levels if young foliage and developing nuts are not protected by properly timed fungicide applications. Apply fungicides before infection occurs. Apply the first spray just as the new leaves begin to unfold; follow with the second spray 14 days later. These two sprays are the most important because this is the most susceptible stage for leaf infection by the scab fungus, as well as several other fungi that cause leaf disease. Follow with fungicide spray applications every 14 to 21 days. You may need to spray more frequently In extremely wet weather. Insect control sprays are not necessarily required in each scheduled fungicide application.

2. Complete Coverage- Complete coverage of leaves, twigs, and nuts of pecan trees for disease and insect control is necessary. The spray equipment must be capable of delivering the pesticide to the top of the highest trees. Mist Blowers will spray up to 85 feet high and will all you to spray the tree from top to bottom. When using a Mist Sprayer, use recommended application rates. Poor coverage can cause severe disease and insect damage.

3. Application Rates- It is essential that you use adequate application rates.

Pecan Tree Insect Pests

Orchards should be surveyed weekly for various foliage and nut pests.

Pests include:

  • Blackmargined aphid
  • Yellow pecan aphid
  • Black pecan aphid
  • Pecan leaf scorch mite
  • Pecan phylloxeras
  • Pecan serpentine leafminer
  • Upper surface blotch leafminer
  • Southern green stink bug
  • Spittlebugs
  • Twig girdler
  • May beetles
  • Pecan weevil
  • Fall webworm
  • Leaffooted bug
  • Pecan bud moth
  • Pecan leaf casebearer
  • Pecan cigar casebearer
  • Pecan nut casebearer
  • Walnut caterpillar
  • Hickory shoot curculio
  • Hickory shuckworm
  • Sawflies
  • Pecan catocalas

Pecan Tree Diseases

Pecan Scab is the major Pecan Tree Disease. Disease losses can only be prevented with a carefully planned spray program. All fungicides currently available for pecan disease control must be used as protectants to prevent infection. Fungicides will not have much effect on infections that occur before treatment. Fungicides are applied on a regular basis to maintain a protective barrier over the fruit and foliage of the pecan tree. The protective barriers may be internal or external. The standard disease prevention in Georgia calls for fungicide applications on a 14 day interval from bud break until pollination (three applications). This is the period of most active leaf growth. A 14 to 21 day interval is suggested from pollination until shell hardening. This schedule will need adjustment depending on season, varieties, etc. For most older groves, bud break should be considered as the stage when green tissue is readily visible on the dominant variety. Most growers modify the standard program to best fill their individual needs.

The most common Pecan Tree Diseases:

Pecan Scab, Downy Spot, Powdery Mildew, Zonate Leafspot, Fungal Leaf Scorch and Brown Spot.

Pecan Grove

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Pecan Trees

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